The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL
The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL

6/27/2018- Minutes-June 27, 2018- Public Hearing

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6/27/2018- Minutes-June 27, 2018- Public Hearing


Public Hearing

Wednesday June 27, 2018



President Dodson opened the Public Hearing for Petition from Rochelle Solar LLC, C/O SunEast Development LLC, and Enel Green Power North America Inc. to annex in property of Brenda and Raymond Rainwater Parcel number 25-08-300-001 and 25-07-400-003 located on the North side of Twombly Road at its intersection with Dement Road.


Present were Trustees Jason Fore, Rich Elliott, Randy Salsbury, Pamela Pittman, Jeanie Sparacino, President Steve Dodson, Village Attorney Paul Chadwick, and Village Clerk Patty Moreno. Trustee Ball was absent.


Attorney Chadwick stated that usually a Public Hearing starts with anyone in the public that would like to comment or ask questions but since no one is present at this time Attorney Chadwick stated that he would like to give the petitioners the opportunity to speak and if anyone shows up they can comment after the petitioner’s presentation. Attorney Chadwick stated that notification was given to the proper authorities in the area such as Townships, Public Libraries, and Fire stations therefore if anyone wanted to be present they had the opportunity to do so and at this time no one is present. Attorney Chadwick stated that once the trustees and everyone present has had a chance to ask questions then the Public Hearing would be adjourned and the board will then go into Executive Session to discuss everything and then come out of Executive session and take action.


Attorney Jim Rodriguez representing the petitioners Rochelle Solar LLC stated that they are here to ask for consideration of the petition for annexation. Attorney Rodriguez stated that as President Dodson stated there are two parcel numbers included with the request the total acreage is just under 240 acres. Attorney Rodriguez stated that the Petitioner is asking that the property be annexed in to the Village territory and as part of the annexation agreement they have a couple of request as well. Attorney Rodriguez stated that one would be to that the board grant a tax amendment which they would come back ask for at Special Hearing and also to keep the zoning of the property agriculture but grant a special use permit which the tax amendment would then create a special use permit. Attorney Rodriguez stated that they have more information on the property assessments and he will go over them in the presentation. Attorney Rodriguez stated that they have also agreed to pay an annexation fee to the Village in the total amount of $40,000.00 paid in two payment $20,000.00 at the time of the annexation is completed and the other $20,000.00 one year to the anniversary of that date. Attorney Rodriguez stated that Enel has agreed to replace the Village’s solar panels with a newer system and also agreed to give a sewer easement along the south edge of the property. Attorney Rodriguez stated that those are the items within the annexation agreement as far as to the benefit to the Village.


Attorney Rodriguez stated that he has Reed Willis as representative of the petitioner and Candace Wood Energy Renewal Partners as one of our consultants that can take you through the site plan. Candace Wood presented that Solar Project Site Plan. Trustee Fore asked if the easement given was just for sewer but would this allow any type of infrastructure for water. Attorney Rodriguez stated that at this time the request was for sanitary sewer easement he does not know if there is any intend of running water that area. There was discussion on how much easement the Village would need for both sewer and water but there was no certain accuracy on the easement for both sewer and water. Attorney Rodriguez stated that he does not think that would be an issue as long as they know with time how much easement and its within reason. The Board continued to discussing the proper easement for both sewer and water. Reed Willis SunEast Development explained the landscaping, maintenance, and equipment that will be on the property. Discussion of how Fire Marshalls will have access to the property. Mr. Wills provided with a few slides on what the project will look like from different angles once it is finished. Mr. Wills gave a presentation on the estimated tax calculations for the property assessments. Mr. Wills presented the additional benefits to the Village and the Residents. Mr. Wills provided each board member with a copy of a Propert Value Impact Study done by Pat McGarr that she has prepared for this property and a brief history of other studies she has done for similar projects. Mr. Wills stated that this tells you if solar farms affect real estate value as well. Trustee Fore stated that he would like to be involved in the recycling processes of the Village’s Solar panels.




President of Creston/Dement Public Library Doug Kroupa stated that the library is in the parcels that are in the area and their concern was that it would affect the library but his understanding is that Hillcrest does not currently have a library so therefore it does not affect the Creston/Dement Public Library and that this annexation will not take money out of our covert. Mr. Kroupa stated that the Creston/ Dement Library does in courage growth in the area.


Trustee Fore stated that other than the sewer and water easement not being certain yet he has no problem with anything. Mr. Wills stated that there is already a ten feet easement for sewer if more needs to be added then maybe it would be something they could work on but find out and let them know so they can update the plat. Attorney Chadwick stated that the can still adopt the annexation agreement and there is things that can be done that can still be worked on like special use permits. Trustee Fore stated that he would contact engineer Carl Fischer to verify the proper feet easement for both sewer and water.  


A motion to go into Executive Session was made at 7:56pm by Trustee Fore, seconded by Trustee Elliott. Roll call vote: Fore; yes, Elliott; yes, Salsbury; yes, Pittman; yes, Sparacino; yes. Motion carried.


A motion to return to regular Session was made at 8:24pm by Trustee Fore, seconded by Trustee Salsbury. Roll call vote: Fore; yes, Elliott; yes, Salsbury; yes, Pittman; yes, Sparacino; yes. Motion carried.


Attorney Chadwick stated that he would like to make some points of clarification in the annexation agreement in page five paragraph nine B which has to do when getting ready to give notice of replacing the solar panels for the Village it is blank. Attorney Chadwick asked if the Village had to give written notice to the petitioners and within certain number of days of received you would come out and do that weather permitting or is there a time that you would like to coordinate when the panels are being installed on the main site. Mr. Wills stated that it would totally be independent. Mr. Wills stated that frankly he would be really surprised if there was anything wrong with the Village’s solar panels. Mr. Wills stated that his guess is everything else that is not talking to each other. Trustee Fore stated that the solar panels had been cleaned with water and the Village has hard water. The board agreed to one hundred and eighty days for time frame for the petitioners to replace the Village’s solar panels after the annexation has been completed.


Attorney Chadwick also wanted clarification on the bond operation. Mr. Wills stated that they could do a bond or they could do a letter of credit. Mr. Wills stated that a letter of credit is much easier than dealing with a bond company that is going to know how to do all of this. Mr. Wills stated that they will do a decommission study which will show what the cost will be to take it down, what the salvage would be, what would be the net we would do it on a presenting day and whatever that out of pocket number is from which Mr. Wills estimates it to be anywhere $800,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 then that needs to get secured somehow. Mr. Wills stated that then they could say bond or credit acceptable to the Village if the Village wants to do something like that then that would be fine. Mr. Wills stated that they are going to do whatever the Village feels comfortable with they will have a qualified engineer that will do an engineering study.


A motion was made by Trustee Fore, seconded by Trustee Elliott to accept Rochelle Solar LLC annexation agreement with the approval of adoption of Ordinance to be adopted at the next meeting. Roll call vote: Fore; yes, Elliott; yes, Salsbury; yes, Pittman; yes, Sparacino; yes. Motion carried.



A motion to adjourn was made at 8:35pm by Trustee Fore, seconded by Trustee Salsbury. All in favor say Aye. All Aye’s. Motion carried.


Minutes taken and prepared by Village Clerk Patty Moreno.



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