The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL
The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL

02/14/2018 - Minutes - February 14, 2018 - Regular Monthly Meeting

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02/14/2018 - Minutes - February 14, 2018 - Regular Monthly Meeting


Wednesday February 14, 2018

Regular Board Meeting




The Regular board meeting of the Village of Hillcrest was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance present and answering roll call were Trustees Rich Elliott, Jason Fore, Tim Ball, Randy Salsbury, Pamela Pittman, and Jeanie Sparacino. Also present were President Steve Dodson, Attorney Paul Chadwick, and Village Clerk Patty Moreno.


A motion was made by Trustee Sparacino, seconded by Trustee Ball to approve the minutes from January 10, 2018 as presented. Roll call vote: Elliott; yes, Fore; yes, Ball; yes, Salsbury; yes, Pittman; yes, Sparacino; yes. Motion carried.


Village Clerk Patty Moreno reported that the cash on deposits as of January 31, 20178 are as follows: General Fund $1,064,283.28, Motor Fuel Tax $136,286.41, and Utility Fund $250,288.33.


A motion was made by Trustee Elliott, seconded by Trustee Pittman to approve the Treasurer’s report as presented. Roll call vote: Elliott; yes, Fore; yes, Ball; yes, Salsbury; yes, Pittman; yes, Sparacino; yes. Motion carried.


A motion was made by Trustee Sparacino, seconded by Trustee Salsbury to approve the payment of bills as presented. Roll call vote: Elliott; yes, Fore; yes, Ball; yes, Salsbury; yes, Pittman; yes, Sparacino; yes. Motion carried.





Finance- Trustee Sparacino had no report for the Finance Department.


Water- Trustee Elliott reported that well #2 has been shut down and pulled, parts have been ordered for well #2 and motor has been taken out for inspection. Trustee Elliott also reported that there are some issues with nitrate in well #1 which should resolve once well #2 is up and running again. Elliott stated that a main was repaired on Rosalind Road and hydrant at River Road, and Ramona was flushed, and new parts were ordered for the chemical room.


Ordinances- Trustee Ball reported that snowmobiles are being driven on resident’s back yards.


Street & Grounds- Trustee Fore stated that the Village does have a snow ordinance and would like to remind residents that they need to move vehicles when parked in the street on snow days otherwise the Village will be enforcing this ordinance which will be towing the vehicle other issues are residents shoveling snow into the street after the street have been plowed this is also a violation. Trustee Fore reported that for the month of January going into February the Streets and grounds department filled pot holes, in the intersection of Hillcrest and Wayne and the intersection of Hillcrest Ave and Windover Park Drive, plowing and salting of streets. Trustee Fore stated that he does believed that the Village is ordering the last order of salt and will be order next year’s order at 80 or 85 tons. Trustee For also reported that they  replaced  a stop sign at Hillcrest and Powers Rd and put up a temporary sign at Erickson and Scott, discovered sink hole starting on Errett and Windmill Drive and looked at culvert repairs on Erickson.  Trustee Fore stated that he had been in contact with Northern Illinois Disposal in regards to removing the brown garbage containers that are damaged. Fore stated that Northern will be sending out a letter to residents that have a brown damaged container giving them three options and those three options will be buy their own 32 gallon garbage container, rent a 95 gallon container from Northern at $2.00 a month, or purchase the 95 gallon container at $60.00. Fore stated that if they do the rental agreement Northern will do the maintenance on the container as long as the damage is not caused by the resident. Trustee Salsbury asked if this was a government issue. Trustee Salsbury stated that if a resident wants to purchase garbage can the Village should not be involved in this we contract the service not the purchase of the garbage cans. Trustee Fore stated that he was just laying out the options for the residents but was not dictating what was to be done the choice was left to the resident.


Building & Zoning- Casper Manheim explained what the Ogle County Hazard Mitigation Committee what this committee is based on. Casper stated that this is anything from a tornado, hail damage, to power outage. Casper stated that this committee is based on helping communities in disasters like such for back-up generators which would be needed to power up the Village hall if the Village hall would to be designated as a place of refuge for residents. Casper stated that one of the things they asked for was an emergency vehicle like gator in case of a flooding or other type of emergency vehicles to get residents out. Casper stated that they do have other organization that are willing to help with the needs for some of well concerns, water and sewer concerns. Casper stated that they are just starting with this committee and this may be helpful for the Village with the water concerns that may be able to help financially and these are majorly concerns that may impact the residents.


Health & Welfare- Trustee Pittman had no report for the Health and Welfare department.


Village Attorney- Attorney Chadwick had no report.


Administration- President Dodson had no report for the Administration department.


Police- President Dodson gave Chief White’s report due to his absence. President Dodson stated that the police department had 4 parking complaints, 2 motorist assist, 1 traffic stop, 1 ems assist, 2 abandoned vehicles at Flannigan, 4 trouble spots, 1 extra patrol, building checks, 1 911 hang up, 3 damages to property, snowmobile complaints.



There was no public comment made.




Rochelle Police Department Antenna Lease Agreement

Attorney Chadwick stated that he has drafted a lease agreement for the Rochelle Police Department Antenna and would like the board to review the lease before approving the agreement.


A motion was made by Trustee Fore, seconded by Trustee Ball to table the Rochelle Police Department Antenna Lease Agreement for review and approval at the next board meeting. Roll call: Elliott; yes, Fore; yes, Ball; yes, Salsbury; yes, Pittman; yes, Sparacino; yes. Motion carried.




FY2017 Audit Report – John Stauter

Village Auditor John Stauter presented the board with the 2017 fiscal year audit. Mr. Stauter stated that this year there was only one finding and that was that the Village borrowed extra money for the sewer loan and forgot to add that into the books but this has now been corrected other than this finding Mr. Stauter stated that it was a great audit better than other years.



Trustee Fore stated that there are a lot of culverts in need of repairs and he would like to know who is responsible for repairing these culverts. Trustee Fore stated that the board should have a copy of driveway application requirements for the Village of Davis Junction. Trustee Fore stated that based on new construction the builder put them in but is the home owner responsible for replacing them or is the Village and if the Village is responsible for them then the Village is going to have to start a new line item to allocate the funds not only for the culverts but for the excavation and whether its asphalt, concrete or gravel. Casper Manheim stated that Davis Junction has an application process in place for new construction they would have to pay for the culverts however for any deterioration the Village pays for the replacement of those culverts with the approval of the building inspector. Casper stated that it seems like most towns have the home owner install the first culvert and then the Village maintains and replaces as necessary. The board and building Inspector Casper discussed the culverts in need of repairs. Trustee Fore stated that he would like to have something in ordinance form stating what the Village is responsible for. Trustee Fore stated that he would like Attorney Chadwick to review Davis Junctions Ordinance regarding driveway and possibly added to the Villages Ordinances and when discussing budget allocate a line item for culvert repairs. Trustee Fore also stated that in this ordinance he would like to have outlined dimensions that are required.


Well #2 Update and Drinking Water Alert

President Dodson stated that well #2 has been down because it was pulling sand, therefore it was pulled. President Dodson stated that when well #2 was pulled they discovered that the pipping had a lot sediment buildup and other issues and Water Operator Gerald Bever suggested that the pipping be replaced along with the pump because it was not pumping at the capacity that it was required. Mr. Bever also recommended that they take a camera and look down at the well to see why the well was pumping sand. The Board discussed the possibility of the well filling up with sand and the alternatives. President Dodson stated that the cost for the well to be repaired with new pipping and pump is $23,123.64 and the cost of having the well inspected with camera is $983.16. President Dodson expressed the importance of getting this done since IEPA is aware of our situation and makes us more on the spot light especially now with the Nitrate levels being high. Village Clerk Patty Moreno stated that Water Operator Gerald Bever had stated in his email that IEPA wanted the Board to discuss a better alternative to notifying residents in situation like this. President Dodson stated that the Village had contact the radio station, posted an ad in the Newsleader and the Ogle County Life, posted a notice at Casey’s and sent out letters to each resident and posted a notice on the Village website. Trustee Fore stated that he actually found out about the water alert from a post on facebook therefore he thinks that social media is big on getting information out and Fore stated that he had already discussed this with Village Clerk Patty Moreno as to her being the one managing a facebook account for the Village. Fore also stated that he would also like to see maybe an automate phone service like the schools have. Trustee Sparacino stated that those automate services are very expensive that the Village would not be able to afford. Attorney Chadwick stated that Facebook is not a legal way to give a notice of this type of situation. Reporter Lori from the Newsleader stated that Creston is actually looking into subscribing to the nixel alerts maybe that is something the Village could look in to as well. The Board discussed signs put out throughout the Village alerting residents of an issue. The board decided to look into nixel alerts.


A motion to adjourn was made at 8:30pm by Trustee Fore, seconded by Trustee Sparacino. All in favor say Aye. All Aye’s. Motion carried.


Minutes taken and prepared by Village Clerk Patty Moreno.








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