The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL
The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL

07/27/2016 - Minutes - July 27, 2016 - Budget Workshop

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07/27/2016 - Minutes - July 27, 2016 - Budget Workshop


Wednesday July 27, 2016

Budget Workshop




The Budget Workshop was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Present and answering roll call were Trustees Tim Ball, Jeanie Sparacino, Jason Fore, Dave Long, Rich Elliott, and Randy Salsbury. Also present were Village President Steve Dodson, Village Treasurer Penny Payton, and Village Clerk Patty Moreno.


A motion was made at 7:05pm to go into Executive Session to Interview for Village Attorney by Trustee Fore, seconded by Trustee Salsbury. Roll call vote: Ball; yes, Spracino; yes, Fore; yes, Long; yes, Elliott; yes, Salsbury; yes. Motion carried.


A motion was made to return to regular session at 7:38pm by Trustee Elliott, seconded by Trustee Salsbury. Roll call vote: Ball; yes, Sparacino; yes, Fore; yes, Long; yes, Elliott; yes, Salsbury; yes. Motion carried.


Discussion of Salt Shed

Village Clerk Moreno stated that a few months back she had mention to the board that a decision would have to be made by the board in regards to the storage of salt. Moreno stated that the Village had ordered 100 tons of salt and is committed to eighty percent of the one hundred tons therefore the Village is still responsible for fifty-four tons and the supplier has contacted her and would like to know if the Village would like to have the fifty-four tons delivered or if the Village would like to have it stored at their facility for $17.00 per ton which would make the total of $918.00 per month and the Village has until the end of this month to decide whether to have it stored with Cargill or find another alternative.


Trustee Fore stated that he and President Dodson have been trying to find an alternative within the Village but have been unsuccessful in doing so but is waiting on a call back from a location within the Village for an alternative.


The board discussed options and decided that they would look for other alternatives however the Village would have to prepay for a month until a decision is made as to where they would store the salt. The Board also discussed the possibility of building a new salt shed. Trustee Fore stated that he would get quotes for a new salt shed to provide for the board at the next regular board meeting.


FY2017 Budget

Treasurer Payton stated that no department had gone over the budget appropriated last year the only department that may look like it went over is the Utility department, however this was because of some of the sewer expenses that were not figured in to the budget but it is not a problem. Treasurer Payton stated that she did try to estimate revenues for the fiscal year. Treasurer Payton reminded the board that the Village does have sales tax rebate that needs to be paid to Regional Ready Mix. Treasurer Payton stated that the Village needs to keep the expenditures within the estimated revenues. Treasurer Payton explained some of the revenues that the Village get in taxes.


President Dodson stated that the only unexpected expenditure in his department would be the repair of the Nortel Phone system as it was struck by lightning and will need repair and possible updating. Increasing the budget for tree removal was discussed.

The board discussed the possibility of employee raises, however no decision was made.


Trustee Sparacino went through each department budget and asked if any changes would like to be made. Trustee Fore stated that he would like to add to his budget the purchase of tools, and other items maintenance employee needs, training, personal protective equipment, and would like to if possible purchase or budget of a plow wing for the white truck of a John Deere four ten closed cab. Trustee Fore stated that the current loader will only function to load salt and no other function and he would like to get something that would also help with other needs such as excavating for water main breaks Trustee Sparacino asked which of the two would be fit more the current needs of the Village. Trustee Fore stated that the John Deere four ten would be more of use at this time for the Village. Discussion of setting up a fund for vehicle replacement or other equipment to be replaced.


The board also discussed the need for a generator and possibility of getting a generator with a grant.


The board decided that adding a line item for legal fees under Ordinance would be a good idea to keep track as to how much is going out to legal fees for the ordinance department.


Trustee Long stated that he would like to keep the $6,000.00 for a professional to come and speak to the board and plan out for the future of the Village.


A motion to adjourn was made at 8:52pm by Trustee Sparacino, seconded by Trustee Elliott. All in favor say Aye. All Aye’s. Motion carried.


Minutes taken and prepared by Village Clerk Patty Moreno.










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