The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL
The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL

09/03/2014: Minutes - September 3, 2014 - Special Meeting

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09/03/2014: Minutes - September 3, 2014 - Special Meeting

Village of Hillcrest
Wednesday September 3, 2014 Special Meeting

The Special Meeting of the Village of Hillcrest was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Present and answering roll call were Trustees Dave Long, Randy Salsbury, Steve Dodson, Jeanie Sparacino, and Rich Elliott. Also present were President Kim Whalen, Attorney Paul Keller, Treasurer Penny Payton and Village Clerk Patty Moreno. Trustee Rick Rhoads was not present.

President Whalen stated that the only item on the agenda for today special meeting is the approval of the memorandum of the Agreement with Regional Ready Mix. President Whalen stated that the board would need to approve a resolution approving the amendment of the Sales Tax rebate agreement with Regional Ready Mix

A motion was made by Trustee Long, seconded by Trustee Salsbury to approve the Resolution amending the Sales Tax Rebate agreement with Regional Ready Mix. Roll call vote: Long; yes, Salsbury; yes, Dodson; No, Sparacino; yes, Elliott; yes. Motion carried.

Village Attorney Paul Keller explained the process with this resolution. Keller stated that the amendment in this agreement is the sales tax rebate which was agreed with Regional Ready Mix and the Village. The amended agreement states that if Regional Ready Mix does not relocate and stop operation at the current location by December 1, 2014 the sales tax rebate which is at fifty percent for eight years if Regional Ready Mix has not relocated and stopped operation by this date the agreement of the fifty percent sales tax rebated will be voided. Attorney Keller stated that this amended section 9.0 will become part of the annexation agreement between Julep Arbors Farms and the Village, but in order to amend the annexation agreement the Village must hold a Public Hearing first and publish a notice in the newspaper no later than fifteen days before the hearing. Keller stated he would recommend having the hearing at the next board meeting.


Resident Rose Sanchez stated that she stands at this meeting and listens to the pledge of allegiance and when it get to the part of liberty and justice for all we do not seem to be getting any liberty. Mrs. Sanchez stated that they do not have the liberty to live in their homes and for them to be dust free, they do not have the liberty to sleep until they want to sleep. Mrs. Sanchez stated that they have a dictator that tells them what time they are going to get up and nothing is being done. Sanchez stated that there is no just for residents the justice seems to be given to Regional Ready Mix and now you are giving him eight years at fifty percent in sales tax rebate.

Terry Gregory, 208 Roy Ave, stated this will be her last attempt to express to the former board members and this board the damage that has been done to our environment homes, and quality of life since Regional Ready Mix moved in to our neighborhood. Mrs. Gregory stated that in the summer of June of 2006 the total disregard of our constitutional right is appalling to have a board and former board turn their backs on the justice that the residents deserve and the pleads for help is unforgiving. Mrs. Gregory asked any board member that has or has had any friendship or employment or any affiliation with anyone that works, is involved, is a partner, or has any kind of affiliation with Regional Ready Mix to abstain from any comment tonight and any further involvement with this board because that is a conflict of interest and that should have been taken in to consideration many years ago. Mrs. Gregory asked if the board had any comment for anything said. Mrs. Gregory stated that when every board member took their position on the board they took an oath, and swore that you would faithfully discharge the duties of office of which you withhold according to best of your abilities. Mrs. Gregory asked the board if they honestly belief that this has been done. Mrs. Gregory asked if anyone had a comment at this time.

Attorney Keller stated that it is not appropriate to ask the board for any comments. Keller stated that this was Mrs. Gregory’s time.

Mrs. Gregory stated that she is giving the board the opportunity to also speak.

Keller stated that this is not what public comment is for.

Mrs. Gregory stated more of her concerns with Regional Ready Mix. Mrs. Gregory asked if the Village had adopted Byron’s book and codes.

President Whalen stated that she does not know if the Village adopted Byron’s codes as this was before she was elected.

There was discussion between President Whalen and Mrs. Gregory as to the purpose of this meeting. Mrs. Gregory stated that she had called the Village Clerk and requested a Special Meeting to talk in depth about Regional Ready Mix.

Lorrie Todd, 410 S. Fourth St. Oregon, Illinois, stated that she has been over to Mrs. Gregory house for three years and she has seen everything that’s going on. Mrs. Todd stated she has seen what this situation has done to Mrs. Gregory, and she has seen what it has done to Mrs. Gregory’s mother. Mrs. Todd stated that she has seen how Mrs. Gregory is unable to go outside. Mrs. Todd stated that she did not know if the board was trying to be dishonest or did not have the courage to do the right thing. Mrs. Todd stated that the board was being disrespectful by yawning when Mrs. Gregory was talking or when the trustee left when Mrs. Gregory was talking. Mrs. Todd stated that it did not matter who she was it matter who ever lived in the Village and the board could laugh or do whatever they wanted but then that meant that the board where not good people.

A motion to adjourn was made at 7:30pm by Trustee Long. All in favor say I. All I’s. Motion carried.

Minutes taken and prepared by Village Clerk Patty Moreno.

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