The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL
The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL

04/16/2014: Minutes - April 16, 2014 - Special Meeting

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04/16/2014: Minutes - April 16, 2014 - Special Meeting

Village of Hillcrest
Wednesday April 16, 2014 Special Meeting

The Special Meeting of The Village of Hillcrest was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Present and answering roll call were Trustees Rick Rhoads, Steve Dodson, Rich Elliott, Randy Salsbury, and Dave Long. Also present were President Kim Whalen, Attorney Paul Keller, Treasurer Penny Payton, and Village Clerk Patty Moreno. Trustee Jeanie Sparacino joined the board members at 7:21pm.

President Whalen stated that the purpose of this special meeting is to discuss bringing sewer to the Village. Whalen stated that Jim Sparber will be explaining both the CDAP grant option and the Business district option which will require the Village to take on a loan from the IEPA, and Ellen Berguson will discuss the CDAP grant that will benefit the low-to-moderate income residents.

Jim Sparber from Baxter & Woodman made a presentation with a map in which highlighted in purple was the CDAP grant option and highlighted in green was the business district option Jim then explained the Business district option would be funded by a loan from IEPA and the CDAP grant option which will be funded by a grant affecting only low-to-moderate income and need.

Ellen Bergeson grant writer explained the CDAP grant funding. Ellen stated that the CDAP grant that the Village will be applying for is for the public infrastructure improvement and the funds are available through the Illinois Department of Commerce and community affairs. Mrs. Berguson explained how the CDAP grant works and what the requirements are when applying for this grant. Mrs. Berguson stated that there is an annual grant cycle and the deadline is June 2, 2014. Mrs. Bergeson stated that the grant is considered by a score of 50 percent of project readiness, 25 percent low-to-moderate income, and 25 percent the seriousness of safety problem. Mrs. Berguson stated that an income survey will have to be done in the target area and also the Village will need to ask residents with failing septic’s to write a letter stating the problems they are having with their septic so that the Village can send the letters along with the grant application. Mrs. Berguson stated that the Village is also need to adopt a fair housing resolution and a commitment letter from First National Bank for the non-funded funds.

Jim Sparber stated that the IEPA is an ongoing process and has no deadline.

Trustee Salsbury asked if the IEPA loan is similar or has some connection to the USDA loan.

Jim Sparber stated no.


Roger Reinhart, 113 Windward Ln., asked what impact this will have on him when they are not benefiting from this project.

President Whalen stated that at this time the Business District option will cost the residents about 15 dollars more on their regular water bill and residents who are going to be connecting with the Sewer will have the sewer charge as well. President Whalen stated that if the Village does not move forward with this project IEPA can force the Village to sewer the Village at the cost of the residents and it will be 200 dollars a month in addition to your regular water bill instead of the fifteen dollars. President Whalen stated that she is looking at this as an investment on her property.
Kevin Thomas, 207 Leeward Ln., asked Trustee Salsbury if he had any information on the process of putting in a petition.

Trustee Salsbury stated that if he could get a petition going he just needs 10 percent of the registered voters to sign the petition to get in the primary election as a referendum. Trustee Salsbury stated that if the Village approves this IEPA loan windover as a whole would have to come up with $18,000.00 dollars a year. Salsbury stated that this will not stop it will keep increasing from the original 15 dollars pretty soon we will be paying forty-five dollars.

President Whalen stated that this is will not increase as she is against supporting another loan to sewer the Village. Whalen stated that her goal is just to get sewer to the Businesses. Whalen stated that the grant will then help sewer the homes it is a slow process but at least something is in process.

Trustee Long stated that the idea is to attract more businesses and possible get more revenue from sales tax and property tax to also help fund the sewer for residents.

Meridith Arjes, 412 Hillcrest Ave, stated that she is concerned with all the residents that currently have failing sceptics and what will happen to their homes if the Village does not move forward. Mrs. Arjes stated that she will make it her priority to go house to house because they are not being fed the right information. Mrs. Arjes stated that she feels that the Village has to move forward to help the people that are currently having problems.

Jaime Arjes, 412 Hillcrest Ave, asked why the bowling alley and the antique shop is not in the proposed option and how will this affect trying to sell these properties.

President Whalen stated that due to the natural flow the bowling alley, antique shop and Meyer’s furniture is not included in the proposed project; however it will be available for them eventually.

Mr. Thomas asked if the IEPA loan can be used to sewer homes also. Mr. Thomas asked if the Village had done a survey on these house that are in bad shape why not sewer those houses instead of the businesses.

President Whalen stated that there will be 63 homes that will be connect to the sewer in the business district proposal and if the Village has chosen to go this route is because it is the less costly due to the natural flow if the Village does not follow the natural flow it will cost the Village more in lift stations.

Trustee Long stated that by going this route is also going to provide more revenue for the Village to go back and sewer the residents that are in need of sewer.

Trustee Rhoads stated that the Village is researching the way to get more for the money. Rhoads stated his concern if the Village does not move forward the cost to the residents eventually will be much more if the Village is forced to bring in sewer.

Dan Windland, 410 Hillcrest Ave, stated that the Village does not need a referendum for this project, the board needs to keep working on this project and it will happen. Mr. Windland stated that this is the most economical way to do this. Mr. Windland states he plans on living here for the rest of his life and stated that he agrees with Trustee Rhoads to move forward.

A resident asked what would happen if a residents septic fails and sewer is not in that area yet.

President Whalen stated that she does not have that answer but if there is someone that has a better solution please let her know.

Trustee Salsbury stated that the Health Department would have to be notified and they would most likely condemn the property.

President Whalen stated that our lots are not big enough to put in new septic systems. President Whalen stated that IEPA will not allow new septic tanks to be installed due to the size of our lots; therefore the longer the Village waits the more septic tanks will start failing.

Gwen Coil, 306 Jeffrey Ave, asked what would happen if the Village is denied the CDAP grant.

President Whalen stated that then the Village moves forward with the Business District project to get things started.

President Whalen stated that a Special Meeting needs to be schedule for May 7, 2014 for a Hearing where the board will vote to approve the submission of the CDAP grant application.

There was discussion among the board on their availability to attend the meeting.

Meeting was set for May 5, 2014 at 7:00pm.

A motion was made at 8:00pm to adjourn by Trustee Rhoads, seconded by Trustee Long. All in favor say I. All I’s. Motion carried.

Minutes taken and prepared by Village Clerk Patty Moreno.

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