The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL
The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL

03/19/2014: Minutes - March 19, 2014 - Special Meeting

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03/19/2014: Minutes - March 19, 2014 - Special Meeting

Village of Hillcrest
Wednesday March 19, 2014 Special Meeting

The Special Meeting of The Village of Hillcrest was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Present and answering roll call were Trustees Rich Elliott, Randy Salsbury, Steve Dodson, Dave Long, Rick Rhoads, and Jeanie Sparacino. Also present were President Kim Whalen, Attorney Paul Keller, Treasurer Penny Payton, and Village Clerk Patty Moreno.

The purpose of this Special meeting was further discussion on how to fund bringing sewer into the Village, and the options in moving forward. President Whalen stated that Ellen Burgeson the grant writer had recommended that the board consider changing the target area from Jeffrey Ave to Ramona as Ramona has more failing septic tanks and also has low income families. Trustee Long stated that the Capital Bill Grant needed to be used in the next two construction season.

There was discussion among the Board on the Business District option and how it would be less costly for the residents if the monthly payment debt charge is charged to all residents instead of just the sixty-three homes that will be affected with this option. Jim Sparber from Baxter Woodman stated that the cost to each resident would be $15.24 plus there regular water bill. The proposed Sewer Alignment for the Business District is as presented by Jim Sparber is as follows:

Estimated Project Cost $2,200,000
Rochelle Grant $(100,000)
Capital Bill Grant $(100,000)
Net Requiring Financing $2,000,000

Loan Terms
Length (years) 20
Annual Interest 2.0%

Annual Loan Payment ($122,313.44)
Contribution from Sales Tax Increase $30,000
Contribution from property Tax Increase $10,000
Net Annual Payment (82,313.44)

Number of Rate Payers 450
Annual Payment per Home $182.92

Monthly Payment per Home $15.24
Wastewater Treatment $22.54
Fixed Sewer Rate Charge $1.27
Water Service $32.00 estimated

Total Monthly Water & Sewer Bill $71.05 estimated

Sparber stated that there would be a connection charge from Rochelle per resident in the amount of $700.00 which could be paid up front by the residents. President Whalen stated that the Village is still pursing the CDAP grant and if approved the grant writer Ellen had informed her that if approve for the CDAP grant low income residents will not have to pay the connection fee. Trustee Salsbury asked if Rochelle would meter what is being sent. Sparber stated that a monitoring man hole will be placed before it crosses Kite Creak that will monitor how much flow goes into the Rochelle System. Sparber stated it is very important that the users of the system do not connect down spouts or sump pumps because then the Village will be paying for that as well. Trustee Salsbury stated that if residents are watering the lawn they should really have two meters. Sparber stated that the Board would need to decide that when making a Water Ordinance. Sparber explained the process in moving forward with applying with the EPA loan.

Sparber asked the board to consider directing Baxter Woodman to prepare the Revised Planning Report.

There was discussion between residents and board members if the residents could pay their whole amount up front. Treasurer Payton stated that this would be a very difficult process in booking if some residents pay up front and others make payments.

Trustee Long asked if the charge to the residents could be adjusted if things changed.

Sparber stated that the charge could be adjusted as long as the EPA loan was being paid. Sparber stated that fees from Baxter Woodman and the Attorney could not be included in the loan.

A motion was made by Trustee Long, seconded by Trustee Elliott to direct Baxter Woodman to prepare the Revised Planning Report. Roll call vote: Long; yes, Sparacino; yes, Salsbury; yes, Rhoads; yes, Elliott; yes, Dodson; yes. Motion carried.

A motion to adjourn was made at 8:52pm by Trustee Rhoad, seconded by Trustee Long. All in favor say I. All I’s. Motion carried.

Minutes taken and prepared by Village Clerk Patty Moreno.

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