The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL
The Villiage of Hillcrest, IL

06/20/13: Minutes - June 20, 2013 - Public Hearing

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06/20/13: Minutes - June 20, 2013 - Public Hearing

Village of Hillcrest
June 20, 2013 Public Hearing
7:00 pm

The Public Hearing for the Village of Hillcrest was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Present and answering roll call were Trustees Rick Rhoads, Rich Elliott, Randy Salsbury, Dave Long, and Jeanie Sparacino. Also present were President Kim Whalen, Attorney Paul Keller, and Village Clerk Patty Moreno.

The reason for the Public Hearing is the Annexation of the 65.47 acres of Julep Arbor Farms, bounded by Lind Road. Three acres of this property would be purchased by Regional Ready Mix to relocate from River Road.

Attorney Keller stated that this Public Hearing is required by state law for review of an annexation agreement before it is approved by the Village Board. Keller stated that no action would be taken by the board tonight. Attorney Keller also stated that this agreement is a three party agreement between the Village, Julep Arbor Farms, and Regional Ready Mix. Keller states that the purpose of this agreement is that when the 65.47 acres of Julep Arbor Farms is annexed in to the Village, Julep Arbor will designate in the layout 3 acres for use of Regional Ready Mix.

Trustee Salsbury asked how that property would be zoned as of right now it is zoned agriculture.

Attorney Keller stated that with the exception of the three acres used by Regional Ready Mix the property will stay Zoned agriculture and the three acres will be zoned industrial.

Trustee Salsbury stated his concern of the speed limit on Route 251 and how Regional Ready Mix would be able to make the turn from Lind Road to Route 251 with this speed limit.

Owner of Regional Ready Mix Scott Watson stated that this would be safer than the s turn they are currently making on Scott Ave.

Trustee Long asked why the well would be outside the property.

Attorney Keller stated that the Village is allowing this as part of the agreement.

Trustee Rhoads asked how it was calculated to give a sales tax rebate for eight years at fifty percent.

President and Attorney Keller stated that this was the agreement between both the Village and Regional Ready Mix.

Trustee Rhoads stated that the repair of three roads being left behind will be a lot more than 40,000 and he feels that the residents are being left with another bill for something they did not want there in the first place.

There was discussion among the board as to who will have to maintain Lind Road and buying the equipment to maintain it.

Scott Watson owner of Regional Ready Mix stated that Regional would be willing to help maintain the roads

Trustee Sparacino asked what would be considered initial construction for annexation and permit fees.

Attorney Keller stated that the blue prints or plans of Regional Ready Mix would have to be brought to village and that would be considered the initial construction any other construction being added will have to require another permit.

Scott Watson stated that since Casper is only available on Tuesday and Thursday will Trustee Salsbury be available to inspect.

Trustee Salsbury stated that although he is not licensed he would be willing to work with Casper Building Inspector to be available when needed.

President Kim Whalen stated she would also be willing to help with making the inspection process quicker.

Trustee Sparacino asked how the hours of operation stated in the agreement would work with the noise ordinance currently in effect.

Attorney Keller and President Whalen stated that the hours of operation stated on the agreement will only be for this location. Keller stated that this agreement overrides the noise ordinance for this location only.


Terry Gregory, 208 Roy Ave, asked the Board if there are any plans of doing any residential building near that location.

Trustee Elliott stated that the Village is going to try to keep the west side of the Village residential and the east side of the Village industrial.

President Kim Whalen stated that once this was finalized this would be in the next board meeting agenda.

A motion to adjourn was made at 7:54pm by Trustee Long, seconded by Trustee Salsbury. Roll call vote: Rhoads; yes, Elliott; yes, Salsbury; yes, Long; yes, Sparacino; yes. Motion carried.

Minutes taken and prepared by Village Clerk Patty Moreno.

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